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watching you, watching me

Last week I attended a workshop in San Jose, CA. Except that I attended from a video conference suite in Brussels (1.5 hour flight rather than 10 hour flight). It was an interesting meeting too, although it was odd working at those hours (5pm to 2am, which translates to 9am to 5pm in California).

remote interaction

The facilities were top-notch, with two HD cameras per site and a pair of large screens at the front of each meeting room. It was, though, a little odd knowing who to address and where to look. Here is a photo of the screen in Brussels, where a speaker (green top, in San Jose) is "looking" at the monitor, at someone asking a question (standing with mike, in black, in Brussels). You can also see myself, taking the photo!. But from the point of Brussels, we were looking at the back of their heads. Forest of laptops, typical for that sort of meeting.


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