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Checking in
I'm back from a week and a half traveling, with very little internet access - none in the hotel, and kinda weedy access in the meeting, too. Catching up.

Plus I didn't even get a tan :) since it was mostly overcast and wet despite being summer over there. The meeting was at Bondi, Australia.

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Wow - that is serious traveling! Too bad the weather wasn't more 'Australian' for you. :D
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I've been reading a silly no-violence British mystery set in Edwardian times and one of the characters is Marconi (the wireless inventor),

So every time I read it I keep having 'Marconi plays the mambo, listen to the radio, don't you remember, we built this city with rock-n-roll'
playing in my head.

Now, for a change, I'm listening to the sweetie-voiced person sing 'I met her at Bondi Junction, that is where I first found love.'

The portion of one's brain filled with schlocky pop songs one was inadvertently exposed to is ENORMOUS!

Don't you live in an ever-sunny place anyway??
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I hadn't heard the second song (but got to Bondi Junction on the bus, 7am on a wet Saturday morning, to discover that it and Bondi and Bondi Beach are three related but separate places).

Yes, Nice is sunny (although its winter now, so we have the heating on sometimes).

Re: memory - yes, the total storage is enormous but typically is only exposed by specific triggers so I think its stored in some compressed way.
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