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Learn Na'vi
(For anyone who watched and liked Avatar; and ideally, is a linguistics/I18n geek as well)

Its possible to learn na'Vi, the language spoken by the indigenous blue-skinned beings of Pandora. The producers of the film actually went to the trouble to have a linguistics professor create a constructed language with a consistent phonology, vocabulary and an interesting grammar that reflects how their society is organized.

As an example, two forms of "we" depending on whether "you" are included. Which, in a film which is all about group outsiders and group belonging, is perfect.

Oh, and the use of ts, ng, and *x digraphs would make for some interesting ligature options in a Na'vi font.

Can haz a na'vi subtitles option on the DVD/Blueray disk, plz?

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not surprising tho given the attention to detail throughout the movie.
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A Fan....

Much like many sci-fi flicks, I can watch avatar a hundred gazillion times!
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