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Credo In Unum Webum
Recent archaeological excavations at the W3C site at Sophia Antipolis, France have revealed a Roman inscription which shows that the W3C principles of an open, international and accessible Web predate W3C by almost two millenia.

W3C Roman Stone

You can see the stone in its geographic context of 43° 37' 1.54" N, 7° 4' 4.75" E on Panoramio.

The inscription, which has yet to be added to CIL, reads

Credo in Unum Webum / 
URLem Omnipotentem / 
Factorem HTMLum / 
licerum / visibilium omniem / 
et invisibilium / 
et in unum toilum standardem /
[...] Consortium
tilium Dei Internetum /
per quem omnia /
facta sunt
/ amene (sic)

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I should make clear that I was not consulted on the Latin beforehand. Obviously, since its Roman and, like, really old.
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Brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant! :)

Can I print this and post it on my door at work?
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Yes, of course!
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